A School, as a space for developing skills and creating knowledge, should seek to be attentive to the world around it.
The “Student’s Profile at the end of Compulsory Schooling”, published by the Directorate-General for Education (Portuguese Ministry of Education) in 2017, assumes itself as an educational reference document providing an image of what is considered to be the student and citizen of the 21st century; it refers to the need to promote student’s skills in the areas of Information and Communication, Reasoning and Problem Solving, and Critical and Creative Thinking.
Technology-mediated learning enables students not only to use the tools of their time (access to the Internet, computers, mobile devices, etc.) but also in doing so, developing their digital literacy, ie the efficient use of media around them; and do so with increasing critical thinking. 
Given that the treatment of citizenship issues implies the treatment of diverse topics that are transversal to society, their insertion in the curriculum requires a transversal approach both in the disciplinary areas involved, as well as in activities and projects. In the project that will be described in this article two needs will be presented: that of educating the digital citizen and of accomplishing knowledge integration with interdisciplinary work.
According to the “Media Education Guidance” document, media are not only content and technologies that transmit it, but also the understanding that media implies looking beyond the physical media (screens or other) by analyzing their impact on the lives of people and communities, something that only very practical activities can provide. Among the areas that the Guidance privileges, it proposes the progressive treatment of several themes. For this work, topic 4 “ICTs and screens” was selected because it is pertinent to lead students to a meta-analysis of the uses they make of the media they have at their disposal, that is, what the media are and what are they used for, how to learn through media, what to learn, healthy behaviors when using media, will be knowledge that students are expected to master after using the game.
The game “You and the Media” consists of a playful and pedagogical videogame to work, in a first moment, the content already mentioned and, in a second moment, to be reused, using “remix” option in the context of work in various subjects (Portuguese language and Mathematics). It is developed within a interdisciplinary articulation assumption using project based learning methodology.
The game presents a narrative that includes a situation where the main character explores a maze; as you walk through the labyrinth, the character encounters obstacles; finding each obstacle reveals a prompt with a question about the chosen subject. After answering the questions, in the first level, students are invited to build other levels of play adapting the game itself to fit learning purposes and allowing students to reflect about a series of behaviors, attitudes and experiences with media.